Paris Part II

Paris Part II

Shay and I took a Eurotrip at the end of October. We spent 4 days in Berlin (blog posts here & here), and then flew to Paris and spent 4 days there. My Part I Paris post along with our Guide Map is here. The weather in Paris was amazing for the end of October. While it was snowing in Chicago, it was 70-degrees & sunny in Paris!

Paris is a city of romance, so of course we had to make a trip to the Pont des Arts, better known as the "Love Lock Bridge". This is one of those cheesy traditions that you just must do. I knew it would be a stop on our trip, so I bought the cheapest, decently sized key lock I could find on Amazon (so romantic). We wrote our names in permanent marker with the date, kissed, and tossed the keys in the river. Walking across the bridge, we noticed that a lot of other couples put much more effort into their lock than we did… ordering a heart-shaped lock and having it specially engraved, for example. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

We spent Halloween night at the Louvre; this was a great decision! The Louvre was open until 10pm - so the fact that it was a Friday night and Halloween resulted in a somewhat empty museum. We were able to get up close to the Mona Lisa without pushing through crowds and take a picture without anyone else in it. We were in and out in less than 2 hours and saw everything we needed to see - which I was a huge fan of.

We ate and drank our way through Paris. We went to a lot of lovely french restaurants and drank a lot of wine with fancy desserts. We also drank a lot of great beer, which I was not expecting! We found an amazing craft beer shop close to our apartment (La Cave à Bulles). The worker was very knowledgable and helped us pick out several bombers. We also found 2 incredible beer bars (La Fine Mousse & Brewberry) where we were able to try various french beers on tap.

Below are photos from the second half of our trip!

{ Pont des Arts }

{ our lock }

{ The Louvre }

{ Mona Lisa & Winged Victory }

{ Place des Vosges - oldest square in Paris }

{ Ten Belles coffee & Brewberry beer... heaven }

{ Sacré-Cœur }

{ BREIZH Café crepes... truly amazing and worth the wait }

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