How I Found More Time to Work on My Creative Side Business

Shay and I have this joke where we say that "work always gets in the way"... it gets in the way of us having fun, spending time on our hobbies, and even pursuing a creative side business. If we're being really honest though, all jokes aside, our day job provides the means to do all the things I just listed. I think the deeper issue, the one most people have struggled with at some point, is finding a balance.

Megan + Tony + 3-Month Sebastian

A few weeks ago I met with Megan, Tony, and their three-month old baby boy Sebastian. Megan and Tony asked me to capture family lifestyle pictures of them in and around their newly renovated, 1896 home in Lincoln Park. It was Sebastian's first time in front of a lens. He did so well, and gave us lots of big smiles to work with! 

5 Year Anniversary, 1 Year Late

I realize the title of this blog is pretty confusing. Let me clarify. Shay and I are celebrating our six year wedding anniversary today! However, my gift to him is a video I put together with footage from our five year anniversary. Bare with me...

3 Specific Ways We Can Live More Purposeful Lives

Is this the plan for my life? Am I meant for something more/else? What is my purpose? If you’re like me, you've asked yourself these questions at least once in your life (and during some seasons maybe even weekly). Countless books, blogs, podcasts, etc. have covered the topic of “finding your purpose”. I won’t claim that what I’m about to share...

Why We Shouldn't Over-Plan Our Lives

It's the last day of my week long sabbatical. On February 24th I left a job that I've had for nearly five years to take a chance on something new. While it was sad and scary to leave a place where I felt comfortable, it's also exciting to open a new chapter that's different and challenging. 

Nine Different Types of Personalities & How to Identify Yours

I believe every person is made differently, and every person has a unique personality to contribute to the world in order to create a well-rounded human existence. However, it goes without saying that none of us are perfect. I for one have always known that I have certain personality "flaws" I need to continually work on...

What We Spent on Our Trip to Italy

My husband and I feel very fortunate that until recently all our European travels have been piggy-backed onto work trips. This has saved us thousands of dollars in the past, and made traveling internationally fairly affordable for us. I find it important to clarify our past travel budgeting experiences, because I'm about to share exactly what we spent on our trip to Italy over the summer. 

How to Set Meaningful New Year's Goals

I feel like generally there are two types of people. Those who hate the idea of setting New Year’s goals and those who love setting goals, but quickly break them before the end of January and forget what they were by December. I think that's because too often we put such high expectations on the New Year, and we set goals that are vague, surface level, and unattainable. 

The Reason For The Season

Two more sleeps! I don't know about you guys, but Christmas creeped up on me this year. I'm still not done with all of my shopping, and I haven't even started wrapping gifts (insert wide-eyed emoji here). It's so easy to get wrapped up in our to-do lists and stress about the little things this time of year. 

How You Can "Break Busy" This Holiday Season

“Busy” is the response we give most often when people ask how we’re doing. Our calendars are full and we’re constantly making plans. It seems we over-schedule ourselves and say "yes" to too many things. We live in a society of “crazy busy”, it’s all around us.

Our Italian Adventure: Part 3 - Capri

Shay and I got back from our Italy adventure in early September. While we there we visited Rome, Positano, and Capri. I’ve been blogging about each place and sharing with you exactly what we did. After this blog series I’m going to share our budget for this trip (spoiler alert, we’re broke)! My hope is that I can help future Italian adventurers plan accordingly and learn from our experience...