Berlin Part I

Berlin Part I

The Berlin Wall came down 25 years ago this weekend. Seeing news articles about it, it's hard to believe that Shay and I were just there last week! We had such an amazing time in Berlin, from wrapping up his workshop with WebVisions to hopping from beer hall to beer hall. Shay and I were only in Berlin together for 3 days, but I can honestly say we saw and did a TON. I of course created a map of all the places we went (including a few I wish we had time for) - you can find the map at the bottom of this post.

I could gush about how awesome Berlin was... full of history, yet young and hip. It was so easy to get around and talk to locals. Everyone spoke English and was extremely kind and helpful... which was good for us because we only knew 2 German phrases "guten Tag" and "danke"... and we were lucky if we could keep them straight.

We found a delicious coffee roasting shop (The Barn) that we went to every single day. We made friends with a bartender at an amazing beer cafe (Hermans), he guided us through the menu and even gave us some free tastings. We did a lot of walking... walked the Tiergarten & East Side Gallery. We visited Europe's largest beer hall (Hofbräu) and Berlin's oldest beer hall (Prater). It's hard to pinpoint what our favorite thing was, we loved every minute of it! I can honestly say that we felt like we fit in a little bit, even though we were clearly tourists.

Below are pictures from the first part of our trip. "Berlin Part II" should be up soon, stay tuned!

{ The Reichstag Building }

{ views from the dome of the Reichstag Building... that's Shay straight ahead }

{ Shay is again dead center }

{ Berlin Wall Map }

{ Checkpoint Charlie }

{ stones indicating where the wall once stood }

{ Topography of Terror }

Berlin Part II

Berlin Part II

Berlin & Paris... Next Week!