Paris Part I

Paris Part I

Shay and I took a Eurotrip at the end of October. We spent 4 days in Berlin (blog posts here & here), and then flew to Paris and spent 4 days there. We arrived in Paris in the afternoon, got the keys for our Air BnB (which was adorable and located in the Marais), and then immediately picked up some eclairs, a bottle of wine, and headed over to the Eiffel Tower to watch the sun set. We got to the Eiffel Tower around 4:00, which was perfect for a few daylight pictures. Once the sun was down, we watched the Tower sparkle… wow, I mean, I’ve seen it in the movies, but it’s really something special up close. It’s just as cheesy and romantic as you would think, but I didn’t care - I loved it!

The next day we went to Notre Dame. We got there a little later in the morning than I would have liked (I blame that on all the wine we drank the night before). The line to get up into the towers was a bit long - but totally worth it! The gargoyles are creepy and beautiful, and the views are breathtaking.

As expected, I made a Guide Map, located at the bottom of this post, which includes all of the things we did - including a few things we didn’t have time for, but wish we had.

Something I want to note about Paris restaurants: All of the blogs I read (including Yelp reviews) said that we needed reservations for dinner. I didn’t like the idea of tying us down to a strict schedule, so we took our chances and just showed up. This worked out completely fine. I can’t decide if we just got lucky, or being the Americans that we are, we eat dinner early enough that this rule didn’t apply.

Below are some pictures from the first part of our trip, Part II should be up soon!

{ picnicking and goofing around with this guy }

{ these were the eclairs we took to the Eiffel Tower, nom nom nom }

{ Notre Dame }

{ I may need to have this one framed... }

{ and these metro entrances... so gothic and beautiful }

{ we had a few of these simple European breakfasts, both in Paris and Berlin }

{ Canal Saint-Martin, the hipster part of town, very lovely! }

Paris City Guide

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Paris Part II

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