Monday Inspiration

TRAVEL Most Monday mornings when my alarm goes off, I immediately start having negative thoughts about the day ahead, and begin my countdown for the weekend. In general, Mondays are the worst - I think most people can agree with this.

This morning in particular was pretty brutal. I woke up extra early to catch a flight to Arizona for a work trip - only to find out that my flight had been cancelled. Thankfully, I realized this before leaving the house!

On the bright side, I'm headed to Milwaukee in a few days to catch a plane to Florida with my family! I've been looking forward to this trip (since the moment we booked our tickets), and it's finally here!

While today's plans (or lack of) were a bit frustrating, , I'm grateful for the travel experiences I've had professionally and personally. I really do believe that traveling shapes a person - no matter how near or far you go. I also believe that the moments we are away from the everyday norm help us to feel refreshed and appreciate life at home.

Spring Break here I come!

Happy Monday everyone!

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