Why You Should Be Getting Your Draft Beer To-Go

Processed with VSCOcam The majority of people prefer to drink their favorite craft beers on tap, so why not enjoy the same pint of beer from the comfort of your own kitchen? Instead of investing in an expensive kegerator, you can have great craft beer at home by filling up a growler at your local brewery.

If you don't already own a growler, most breweries sell them on average for $4 - which is a steal! If you're looking for a universal growler, this one at Crate & Barrel would do the trick.

There are three things you need to know about using growlers in order retain the quality of the beer:

  1. Keep it clean.
  2. Once filled and capped, immediately refrigerate it and keep it cold.
  3. Drink it within 2 days (this generally shouldn't be a problem).

I crunched some numbers to help prove why buying beer in a growler is the way to go.

Below is a price comparison of Revolution Brewing's "A Little Crazy".

  • 6-pack: $9.99 – $0.14/oz
  • Growler: $14.00 – $0.22/oz
  • Draft at the bar: $6.00 – $0.38/oz

To break it down even further, it would cost $24 to drink a growler of draft beer at the bar versus $14 at home. That's not even including the money saved by not having to tip a bartender for each pint you order.

Need more convincing? Even though a 6-pack of beer is slightly less expensive, growlers are better for the environment, because they save on packaging and energy. This way, you can feel good about drinking your beer – in more ways than one.

Shay and I have at least 11 growlers scattered around our home at the moment, showcasing many of the breweries we've visited across the United States. We enjoy getting our beer "to-go" while at home in Chicago and out of town.

What breweries do you like to fill up at?

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