St. Louis Trip: Part 1

My husband and I both have work off between Christmas and New Years (Yippee!). While it would have been easy to sit at home and rot our brains in front of the TV, we decided to get out of town for a few days and explore a new city. We took the Amtrak from Chicago to St. Louis, which was just a 5 hour ride. We stayed for 3 nights and soaked in as much of the city as we could.

If you don't know already, the majority of our vacations revolve around beer and coffee. We always hit the brunch hot-spots in the morning and the local tap houses and/or breweries in the evening (or sometimes the afternoon if we're feeling especially adventurous).

The first stop on our trip was Schlafly. Their brewery is located in Maplewood, MO, but luckily for us they have a tap room in downtown St. Louis. On Wednesday night they held their 21st anniversary party, which meant 1991 beer prices - AKA $3 pints! We also ordered a bottle of their limited Imperial Stout, which is aged in bourbon barrels (it was delicious).

[below are few pictures from our visit to the Gateway Arch]

View from the top!

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NYE Nail Glitter

Glitter Apple Ornament