Glitter Apple Ornament

Merry (belated) Christmas everyone! The holidays really crept up on me this year. I meant to post this blog a few days ago, but it's better late than never- right? Currently, my husband and I are on the Amtrak to St. Louis, Missouri for a few days. It's just a 5 hour train ride from Chicago. A little time away from the city is exactly what we need after a busy (and fabulous!) holiday with family and friends.

Last week two of my best friends came over to do Christmas crafts. We made ornaments, and used this blog for inspiration.

Making these ornaments was very simple. Instead of using pears, we bought paper mache apples. We painted them silver, rubbed modge podge on them, and dipped them in glitter (yep that's it... no step-by-step necessary).

The most difficult part about this craft was probably the clean up. That glitter gets everywhere!

Regardless of the mess, crafting is one of my favorite things to do around the holidays (especially with friends). It's inexpensive and always carries sentimental value.

For more holiday crafting ideas, read about the book page wreath I made this time last year (DIY: Paper Wreath).

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