Stephanie + Jermaine - Downtown Chicago Engagement

Stephanie + Jermaine - Downtown Chicago Engagement

I met up with Stephanie and Jermaine last weekend for pictures in and around Olive Park. From there, we ventured to Michigan Avenue where we wrapped up the session in the middle of bustling downtown Chicago.

In addition to sharing their photos, Stephanie and Jermaine agreed to share some of their story. They were so sweet in allowing me to ask them some personal questions for my blog about their relationship, engagement, and future as husband and wife!

How did you and Jermaine meet?

We met online - match-dot-com! Stephanie was hesitant to join- but only ended up being online for a few weeks before connecting with Jermaine. Jermaine is a psychologist and Stephanie is an athletic trainer. Knowing this, Jermaine sent her a message- with a cheesy line about how he heals the mind and she heals the body- they would make a great pair! Their first date was at a coffee shop where they talked for hours.

What is the strongest quality of your relationship?

We communicate very well. We have the ability to speak through what we are feeling and experiencing as well as to listen and understand each other's point of view. This requires a level of vulnerability- to express our needs, our feelings, and our hurts. We both cherish that we are able to be vulnerable and raw with one another. This has led to much personal growth as well as growth within the relationship.

What has been the best part about being engaged?

Jermaine: "One of the best parts about being engaged is seeing how happy Stephanie is when she looks at her ring, talks about the proposal, and how she lights up when she is planning the intricacies of our wedding day. I love seeing the experience through her eyes and how much joy it brings her. It feels amazing to call her my fiancé because it's a sign of the next big step in our relationship."
Stephanie: " I also love looking at my ring! But more importantly, I love what my ring represents. Jermaine is my present and my future. I get so excited about doing life with him. I love planning the wedding, I love calling him my fiancé, but most of all, I love knowing that God has given me this man to love me and support me until death do us part!"

Besides gaining a life partner, what would you say is most important to you both about your wedding day?

The most important part of the day will be honoring this union that God has brought together. We want our ceremony to reflect our love for God and His provision for our lives. The other thing that makes this day so special is that we will have our closest friends and family as witnesses to our love and the official beginning of our lifelong union.

What part of marriage are you most looking forward to?

Jermaine: "I am most looking forward to building a life together and starting a family. I look forward to growing further as a couple as well as individually. I also want to be an example for our children, showing them what true love looks like.
Stephanie: "I look forward to every step of our journey together- from buying a house and having children, to retirement and travel.  Jermaine is going to make an amazing father, and I look forward to co-parenting with him.
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