Vases from Recycled Glass

Vases have a great way of bringing color into a room without being too overpowering. However, finding them for the right price can sometimes be a challenge. You probably have some great items in your house right now that can be converted into vases - at little to no cost. In fact, some of these items might have been overlooked and are sitting in the recycling bin!

1. Wine Bottles

After finishing that last glass of pinot, why not save the bottle? Most wine bottles have removable labels and are already a great color. Don’t like the plain look? Wrap some twine around it. You can even tie on an old charm to add a little extra detail.

2. Jars

Before tossing an empty jelly or pasta sauce container, take a hard look at the potential. Any jar can be turned into a beautiful vase by wrapping ribbon or fabric around the mid-section and adding some branches.

By adding 1 & 2 together you can create a very unique, handcrafted centerpiece for your kitchen table.

If you like the jar concept, here's a blog about using mason jars for wedding reception decor: Wedding Centerpieces: Adorable & Affordable.

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