Tree Decorating Styles

It's official, Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is right around the corner. Most people are starting to, or already have, put up their Christmas decorations. Decorating a Christmas tree can be a fun and challenging holiday tradition. It takes years to build a decent collection of ornaments to display year after year. I haven't been on my own for long so my tree decor is still pretty minimal. If you're like me, still trying to figure out your tree, or looking for a change, read below for some common (and not-so-common) Christmas tree styles.

The Traditional Tree

Lights: white String: thick ribbon, pearl beads Ornaments: oversized glass balls, anything biblical Topper: cross, angel, star Tip: This type of tree typically has a color scheme of gold, silver and/or white with sometimes one color mixed in (like red). Ornaments are usually symmetrical with a lot of repeats. It's not about individual ornaments, but about the tree as a whole.


The Natural Tree

Lights: white String: berries Ornaments: flowers, pinecones, animals Topper: bird, branches Tip: If it can be found outside, it can be included on the tree. It's important to stay true to the colors found in nature. To offset all of the earthy tones, try adding a red cardinal or some berries to bring in color if you need it.

The Eclectic Tree

Lights: white or colored (or both) String: beads, garland, ribbon, popcorn Ornaments: anything from candy canes to glass ornaments (even those dried macaroni crafts from grade school can be included!) Topper: star, bow (traditional or fun) Tip: Don't over think it. This tree can have hand-me-downs and hand-made ornaments. There doesn't need to be a pattern. You can mix and match styles to come up with something that defines you.


None of these tickle your mistletoe? Consider a Themed Tree. Once you decide on what you want, it can be easily executed. Below are a few of my favorites.

My tree is more on the eclectic side. I hang gold ornaments passed down from my grandmother, colorful ball ornaments, signs for peace & love, and a few owls. I prefer an angel on top because that's what my mother taught me, and I like white lights to offset all of the other colors and make the gold ornaments shine! My style is a mix of family heirlooms with clearance bin ornaments... which I intend to keep collecting each year. What's your Christmas tree style? If you're looking for more ideas check out Country Living, HGTV, Better Homes & Gardens, Martha Stewart, or Pottery Barn for style tips.

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