Valentine's Banner

Happy February everyone! (I can't believe we're a whole month into 2013 already.) Last week I posted a Valentine's Day DIY blog (here), and one of the gift options was a banner. This is a simple craft to make for that special someone. It can be hung from a fireplace or a headboard (or anywhere, really).

I took two banner concepts that I found on Etsy, and combined them together to make something of my own (inspiration from here and here).

I started by gathering my scrap fabric and pulling patterns that worked well together.

From there, I cut various triangles out of computer paper until I found the perfect shape.

I then took some twine and estimated how much I would need to get across our fireplace mantel, with the right amount of sag.

Then, using the paper triangle, I counted approximately how many flags I would need.

I used the paper as a template for cutting the flags (I recommend using fabric scissors for cutting clean lines.)

Lastly, I topped off each flag with a strip of ribbon for a more finished look.

The string of hearts was very simple to do. All you need is paper and string (I used white sewing thread - the thinner, the better).

Below is the finished product, with both banners combined.

What sort of crafts are you doing this year for Valentine's Day?

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