Home Bars (where it's always happy hour)

When Shay & I moved into our new home I knew that having space for a bar was a must (obviously you can see where my priorities are). Below are some key things to think about when searching for the perfect bar cart, table, or cabinet for your home:

Dimensions If you live in a small condo, like me, then it's very important to measure exactly how big your bar can be based on the space you have dedicated for it. Also, if you decide to stray away from buying a traditional "bar", then you need to make sure the height of the table is appropriate for serving and mixing drinks.

Room to Grow Shay & I had a small liquor cart at our old place, but it filled up quickly. We soon realized that we didn't account for all of the different types of drinks we would need to serve ourselves and our guests. Before buying anything, decide approximately how much storage space you need for hard liquor, wine, glasses, mixing tools, etc.

Hide or Display? This is an important one. Do you want your bottles and glasses out in the open for all to see? Or would you rather be able to hide everything and pull items out when needed? Personally, I love having mine on display, but you need to decide what works for you.

Below are some great bar furniture pieces - different sizes and styles.

{via Crate & Barrel}

{via West Elm}

{via Target}

{via Williams-Sonoma, also featured in this blog about "Mad Men" style}

{via World Market}

{Mine! Purchased at West Elm - no longer available}

Ok... now who's ready for a drink?

Happy Valentine's Day!

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