Fireplace Candles

Most people will tell you that they seldom use their fireplace. I think I'll end up falling into that category. Realizing that ours will rarely (if ever) serve it's intended purpose, I'm on a mission to make our fireplace the focal point of the living room. The custom stone is beautiful, but it doesn't hold a mantel, it was missing glass doors (until a few weeks ago), and it blends in with the color of the wall.

At the moment, Shay's dad is building us a custom mantel, which I'm completely ecstatic about! My mind is racing thinking of all the frames, knick-knacks, and such that I can clutter on top of it. I'm already scoping out banners that I can hang. Like this one or this one... but that's a blog for a different day...

This weekend I completed "Phase 1" of our fireplace makeover. I vacuumed and cleaned out the inside, and filled it with white candles. It's amazing how a simple upgrade really catches the eye.

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