We Moved!

About 2 months ago my husband, Shay, and I sold our home in the suburbs and bought a condo in Chicago. We're finally getting settled in, so I thought I would share some pictures of the new pad. (I'll try to stay current as we decorate.) We down-sized a little bit, so we sold a few pieces of furniture and put some in storage for when we "up-size" later on. The only new items we've purchased are rugs, bar stools, curtains, and a few odds n' ends. Our decor is a collection of old and new - some pieces are family heirlooms and some are from major home stores & local shops.


Table & Chairs: local furniture shop Bar Stools: Pier One Rug: West Elm , West Elm

Of course, I have my coffee station all set up! One of my new favorite coffee roasters is just around the corner from our place...

Beans: Bowtruss

Living Room

Coffee Table: Crate & Barrell Couch: local furniture shop Clock: handmade by my grandpa Curtains: Crate & Barrell

Master Bedroom

Bed Frame & Armoire: local furniture shop Sheets: Pottery Barn Paint: Benjamin Moore (freshly painted two weeks ago)


I'm loving that even from our 2nd floor condo we can see the John Hancock and Sears/Willis Tower (not pictured).

I'm really looking forward to the decorating process and making this place our own!

Projects to Come:

  • Shay's Office
  • Fireplace Decor
  • Hanging Shelves, Art, & Frames

Fireplace Candles

Coffee Liqueur