Megan + Tony + 3-Month Sebastian

Megan + Tony + 3-Month Sebastian

A few weeks ago I met with Megan, Tony, and their three-month old baby boy Sebastian. Megan and Tony asked me to capture family lifestyle pictures of them in and around their newly renovated, 1896 home in Lincoln Park. It was Sebastian's first time in front of a lens. He did so well, and gave us lots of big smiles to work with! 

In addition to sharing their photos, Megan & Tony agreed to share some of their story. They were so sweet in allowing me to ask them some personal questions for my blog about Sebastian, home decorating, and life as new parents. 

Sebastian is such a sweet name! How did you and Tony decide on that name?

Tony had an uncle who passed away at a young age, named Sebastian. We knew that would be the name if we were having a boy. Sharing it with his dad was extra special, since Sebastian was his only brother.

Sebastian’s nursery is decorated beautifully, along with your entire home! Where did you draw inspiration from for the renovations and the decorating?

I've always known what styles I do and do not like. It works out that Tony typically has the same taste. I grew up in an old home, built by a soldier in the War of 1812, and always loved the history within those walls. When we purchased this home, we knew that we wanted to maintain some of its historic charm, while modernizing and making it our own. I typically stick to neutral colors and use accessories to add texture and interest. It's a great way to ensure it all works together! Seb's nursery was the same. I chose mostly neutral pieces, which allowed me to go a little funky with his avocado green mid-century dresser, and blue tweed sofa. The nursery was so much fun to design, since I was 5 months pregnant when we moved in, and couldn't wait to get my hands on his space!

What does your ideal Saturday look like?

We love to travel (Italy for our engagement, Asia for our honeymoon, Paris last year), but we also LOVE being home. We are big brunch people, and usually follow that up with walks through the zoo, park, etc. Late afternoon we love to meet up with friends, and then we are typically home by 8 or 9 for Seb's bath and bedtime. 

As a new family of three, are there any traditions you plan on starting?

We chose Lincoln Park very intentionally. We plan to frequent the zoo and Oz Park on every possible nice day. We walk to church and brunch on the weekends. We just can't wait to create more family memories in this amazing city and neighborhood.

What have you learned so far about yourselves and each other from becoming new parents?

We are a great team! I think we worked well together as a newly married couple, and throughout the renovation of this home, but with Sebastian here, it's even more evident. We just want to see him calm and happy, and we both work well at achieving that day to day. He's such a sweet and happy boy. We consider ourselves very lucky.

What has been the best moment so far?

The first time Sebastian laughed - a real, belly ache of a laugh - was one evening when Tony and I were both sitting with him and 100% focused on him at that moment. It was so much fun to share that as parents and to hear his little laugh! We just kept trying to get him to repeat it, and couldn't stop laughing ourselves.
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