Forest Friendly Decorating

Nature-inspired home decor has a way of bringing warmth and relaxation to any room. There are many ways to get that "cabin look" without over-doing it (so please, no camouflage). Below are a few of my favorite ways to bring the outdoors, indoors:

  • Trees

Who knew an old tree stump would make a great side table? West Elm did. For $199.00 you can rest your magazines and coffee mugs on this fabulous piece ( This table fits well in any room, and it will never go out of style (remember, trees have been around for millions of years).

  • Floral Branches

Tall branches can help offset low furniture in a room and draw the eye up. Toss a bundle in a large vase and transform a room in seconds. For a cheap fix, I suggest hitting the local Home Goods for a vase and craft store for some twigs.

  • Animals

I have a soft spot in my heart for owls. Not only do they represent wisdom and helpfulness, they are just too cute! For something subtle, this vintage-looking wall hook from Anthropologie is perfect for hanging a jacket or even a towel in the bathroom (

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