Pale Ales Make Me Hoppy

My taste for beer has changed quite a bit over the years. I have gone from light Belgian style beers to hoppy craft beers - thanks to my husband. It's not to say that my taste buds won't change on me again, but for the time being I have put myself in the beer snob category and typically stick to craft pale ales or Indiana pale ales (IPAs). An IPA is a type of pale ale, except hoppier and slightly more carbonated. Depending on the brewer, the difference can always vary. American pale ales or American IPAs are brewed with American hops. Below is a list of my top 5 (in no order) pale ales.

Zombie Dust Brewer: 3 Floyds Location: Munster, IN Style: American Pale Ale

60 Minute IPA Brewer: Dogfish Head Location: Milton, DE Style: American IPA

Moon Man Brewer: New Glarus Location: New Glarus, WI Style: American Pale Ale

Two Hearted Ale Brewer: Bell's Location: Kalamazoo, MI Style: American IPA

Daisy Cutter Brewer: Half Acre Location: Chicago, IL Style: American Pale Ale

Do you thirst for a different type of Pale Ale? Let me know what I'm missing.

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