City Guide: Barcelona, Spain

{ Catalan word for "Spain" }

I got back from Barcelona on Wednesday (Shay returns tonight). It was hands down one of the best trips we've ever been on!

Before we left, we asked just about everyone we knew what we should see and do while in Barcelona. The majority of people who had visited the city before couldn't recall much from there time there - just that they had a blast. I got a lot of: "I went to this really great place for dinner one night... but I can't remember where it was... or what it was called..." - this reminded me why I blog about our vacations (like New York and Portland). I think it's important to keep track of what you see and do, and most importantly - where you eat!

Below is a map of sites, restaurants, and shops in Barcelona. There were many more places that we went to and things that we did while in the city, but below are my top recommendations (a collaboration of suggestions from friends as well as places we stumbled upon on our own). Be sure to click on the icons for more information.

View in a larger map.

(There was one excursion we went on that was about 1 hour outside of the city: Montserrat. I'll post separately about that later.)

Shay and I purchased a small travel book on Barcelona before we left, and I'm so glad that we did! This is the book we used. It had a Metro map, a large fold-out map, a pocket to keep tickets in, common translations and conversions, etc. I would definitely buy a Frommer's book again the next time we travel outside of the United States.

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