Our Italian Adventure: Part 3 - Capri

Our Italian Adventure: Part 3 - Capri

Shay and I got back from our Italy adventure in early September. While we there we visited Rome, Positano, and Capri. I’ve been blogging about each place and sharing with you exactly what we did. After this blog series I’m going to share our budget for this trip (spoiler alert, we’re broke)! My hope is that I can help future Italian adventurers plan accordingly and learn from our experience. 

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Thankfully, our coastal vacation wasn’t over when we left Positano. Last up, Capri! 

Day 1

We woke up in Positano to catch a 10:00 am ferry to the Island of Capri. The boat ride was one hour long, but we hardly noticed time passing because of all the beautiful scenery. Floating away from Positano gave us a new perspective that we hadn't seen before. I can honestly say we've seen those colorful houses in the mountain from every angle now! When we landed on Capri we took a funicular up to Capri town. The island is basically divided into two sides: Capri (where most of the tourists are, the elegant shopping, and fancy restaurants) and Anacapri (where the locals live and it's a little quieter). Normally, I'm all about crashing with the locals, but I found a deal on a cute little hotel with a pool on the Capri side. Shay and I were both exhausted from our three days of stair climbing in Positano that we decided to relax poolside all afternoon. We swam, read books, drank chilled white wine, and soaked in the sun for nearly four hours. It was probably the most relaxed I've ever been in my life. After we washed up and got ready for dinner we walked to the Gardens of Augustus to watch the sun set. Afterwards, we walked around town for a couple of hours until it was time for dinner. Walking around Capri town feels like you're walking around a luxury resort. All of the streets are over run by pedestrians, because after a certain point no cars are allowed. It was the place to see-and-be-seen. That night we ate at E' Divino where we had dinner in their garden under a pomegranate tree. We ate seafood pasta and stuffed squid. Everything was so fresh and delicious! 

Leaving Positano

That's Capri in the distance! 

Arriving at Marina Grande

Taking pictures of the Faraglioni

Panoramic view!

Day 2

The next day we rented a private boat to take us on a tour around the island. We spent a lot of time at the Blue Grotto and the Green Grotto. When you watch my Italy video (coming soon), you will know exactly what I'm talking about. The water actually looks blue at one cave and green at the other. We spent four hours on the boat, which was perfect for us to see all of the caves, swim, relax a little, and have lunch. I highly recommend doing this! We booked with Gianni's Boats, and it was worth every penny. The only downside was that I got stung by a jellyfish at the Green Grotto, which our tour guide assured us is rare. Thankfully it wasn’t the kind of sting that required emergency attention. Our captain had After Bite on board, which was all I needed to keep the swelling down. But ouch, it stung! It stung real bad. (Photo not included, no one needs to see my red/swollen upper thigh). Later that afternoon we went over to Anacapri and walked around. We made reservations at Da Gelsomina for dinner. The restaurant was kind enough to pick us up in the main square of Anacapri and bring us back afterwards. 

About to cruise under the Faraglioni

I’ve heard that most people only spend one day on the Island of Capri. They usually take a ferry in and leave later that same day. I'm so glad we decided to spend two nights there! There's no way we could have explored as much as we did in a single day. Plus, it was nice to see the island calm down after sunset when most of the day visitors left. 

Check back soon for our Italy movie and budget blog! 

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