life according to gatsby: so far...


{ ^^^ me asking for a belly rub!!! i get them a lot. }

well, it's been 1 month living with my new humans. they give me lots of belly rubs and tell me they love me all the time - so i think it's going really well. i miss them when they leave, even if it's just for 5 minutes - and i get excited when i see them again!!!

mom and dad have taken me to the bar (jake's) a few times. i need to sniff out the scene first before i can lay down - gotta make sure my humans are safe. then after that i get free belly rubs, so i like it. i think i'll keep going back.

football season started. evidently i'm supposed to root for the bears and buckeyes. i'm not sure what that means, but dad says he'll show me the ropes. i have a bears tag and mom wants to get me some bandanas, so we'll see how that goes!!!

i got a girlfriend who lives downstairs. we play in the back a lot and wrestle each other. this one time, she pooped and then i rolled around in it. i thought it was normal, but mom freaked out. lol!!! there's a video of us below. i think you should watch it.

that's all for now!!! check back soon!!!

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wooooooof - gatsby

{ ^^^ me and my girlfriend winnie!!! }

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