life according to gatsby: beach day

hi there!!! my name is gatsby. this is my mom's blog, but every once in a while i'm going to tell you what life is like walking on all fours (it's great!!!). last week mom and dad took me to the beach for the first time. i was nervous at first to play with the other pups and go near the water, but after mom and dad showed me that it was ok - i warmed up to the idea. some doggies swim out real far and others chase balls around. i'm too lazy for that. i just like to stick near my humans - for now.

mom says the weather is going to change soon. she hopes we can make it back to the beach before it gets too cold. i'm not sure what she means though... i'm always wearing a winter coat so i don't get as cold as she does.

here are some pics of our time at belmont harbor beach!!!

20130907-200343.jpg { ^^^ that's my dad, about to release me!!! }

20130907-200257.jpg { ^^^ me by lake michigan. mom was frustrated because I wouldn't look at the cam!!! }

20130907-200406.jpg { ^^^ this is me chasing my dad around!!! }

20130907-200420.jpg { ^^^ so happy!!! }

20130907-200537.jpg { ^^^ on the walk home, i was so tired!!! }

Tour de Fat Chicago 2013

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