Guatemala Support: Donations & Prayer


Project Letter

Below is a letter from my project leader. This letter explains what EMI is about, who our client is, and why they need our help. If you want to read about where my heart is at in all of this, I encourage you to read my latest blog post about my experience with EMI and how it has positively impacted my life.


Trip Dates

March 17-25

Scope of Work

The scope of this project includes the concept design of new buildings and facilities for a pre-school, primary school, middle school and high school, set together on a hilly, wooded site on the edge of the town.  It will include teaching and administration spaces, support and service spaces, and other community spaces such as an auditorium, chapel, and small medical clinic.  The site is approximately 11,680 square meters in size, and will serve 500-625 students when completed.

If you’re curious about what an EMI design package looks like, you can check out the deliverables from our 2016 trip to Honduras, here. Construction began in October 2016 (7 months after the trip) and the multi-purpose facility is already in use! 


The total cost of the trip is expected to be around $1,800. This includes, airfare, an EMI trip fee, membership in the EMI Network, travel insurance, and miscellaneous expenses accrued while on the trip. Donations are tax deductible.

To donate, click the button below, fill in all of the required fields, and search "Becky" where it says "Trip Volunteer". 


Whether you choose to support me financially or not, I do ask that you support me through prayer, positive thoughts, good vibes, etc. I’ll be traveling to a country I’ve never been to with a team of people I’ve never met – which can be a scary thing. It helps to know I’m not alone in this! While I'd love to connect with you, you can choose to remain annonymous. 


Thank you so much for your support! 

Project Location

San Juan Cotzal, Guatemala


Support Progress

$1800 Goal