Milwaukee Family Weekend

A couple of weekends ago my family & I went to Milwaukee to visit my brother Jerry & sister-in-law Dina. We spent the weekend enjoying all Milwaukee has to offer - from the comfort of Jerry's new boat! We went to two breweries, listened to some bands at Summerfest, and saw parts of the city we can't usually see by foot. I try to visit Milwaukee a couple of times a year. This is the first time we didn't roam Brady Street or visit the famous Wolski's, and yet, we had an awesome time bringing the party to the dock and out on Lake Michigan. I shouldn't be surprised, the people I am lucky to call family always know how to bring the fun!

MKE Family Trip 3193

^^^ my brother's new boat: Whitecap ^^^

MKE Family Trip 3209

^^^ 3 of the loveliest ladies that ever were: Brandi, Dina, Mom ^^^

MKE Family Trip 3199

MKE Family Trip 3240

^^^ our 3 captains for the day: Luke, Dad, Jerry ^^^

MKE Family Trip 3265

^^^ the bar ^^^

MKE Family Trip 3274

^^^ The Whitecap Policy ^^^

MKE Family Trip 3337

MKE Family Trip 3347

^^^ Huck Finn... I mean, my hubs ^^^


^^^ Summerfest Grounds :) ^^^

MKE Family Trip 3371

MKE Family Trip 3383

^^^ best buds ^^^

MKE Family Trip 3392

MKE Family Trip 3398

^^^ Gatsby, finally getting comfortable ^^^

Lemonade Cocktails: Two Ways

Lauderdale Lakes Fireworks