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Megan + Tony + Seb - Mother's Day Session

I meet up with Megan, Tony, and Sebastian at a park near their house on Mother’s Day for a little photoshoot. This was my third time snapping photos of this sweet family. Every time I see this trio, I’m reminded of why I do what I do. Taking photos of people can be incredibly personal. I love that each session builds off of the last one, and each time we meet is an opportunity to learn more about them and share their story…

Megan + Tony + Sebastian - Autumn in Lincoln Park

A couple of weeks ago I met with Megan, Tony, and 9-month old baby boy Sebastian for family photos in Lincoln Park. We used The Nature Boardwalk and the park outside the zoo as our backdrop. Both of which are practically in their own backyard! It felt like they were right at home, having tickle fights in the grass and helping Sebastian walk around to see the world at his eye level...

How I Found More Time to Work on My Creative Side Business

Shay and I have this joke where we say that "work always gets in the way"... it gets in the way of us having fun, spending time on our hobbies, and even pursuing a creative side business. If we're being really honest though, all jokes aside, our day job provides the means to do all the things I just listed. I think the deeper issue, the one most people have struggled with at some point, is finding a balance.

Megan + Tony + 3-Month Sebastian

A few weeks ago I met with Megan, Tony, and their three-month old baby boy Sebastian. Megan and Tony asked me to capture family lifestyle pictures of them in and around their newly renovated, 1896 home in Lincoln Park. It was Sebastian's first time in front of a lens. He did so well, and gave us lots of big smiles to work with! 

5 Year Anniversary, 1 Year Late

I realize the title of this blog is pretty confusing. Let me clarify. Shay and I are celebrating our six year wedding anniversary today! However, my gift to him is a video I put together with footage from our five year anniversary. Bare with me...

Why We Shouldn't Over-Plan Our Lives

It's the last day of my week long sabbatical. On February 24th I left a job that I've had for nearly five years to take a chance on something new. While it was sad and scary to leave a place where I felt comfortable, it's also exciting to open a new chapter that's different and challenging. 

Patricia + Joe

Patricia and Joe got married on July 1st, 2016 at the Cook County Courthouse in Downtown Chicago. The ceremony was simple and intimate, with just a handful of loved ones surrounding them as they committed their lives to one another...