Small-Space Office Basics

Shay and I live in a small condo in Chicago, which means we have to be very cautious of how we decorate and space plan. When we first moved in, I thought I had to accept the fact that I couldn't have an office. We just didn't seem to have the room. After a lot of research and online shopping, I finally came up with a small-space office solution. I realized that all I needed was an unoccupied corner of the house and some basic office pieces to make it work. I needed to think up my dream office and then scale it down and keep it simple. Basic Office Essentials:

  1. The right desk
  2. A cozy chair
  3. Wall organizers
  4. A motivational print
  5. Personalized stationary
  6. A killer desktop background

office basics

Below is a picture of my little office. Do you notice how the desk from CB2 gives the illusion that it doesn't take up much space? Also, positioning the office near some windows helps to make the space feel larger than it is!

Office Basics

2014 Goals

Happy Anni-vegas-ry!