DIY: Paper Wreath

This holiday season I’ve enjoyed working with paper crafts. A couple of weeks ago I transformed pages from an old book into a holiday wreath. The first time I saw this trend was at an antique shop in Ohio. They were selling newspaper wreaths, and I thought to myself - I can make that!

I originally wanted to make my wreath out of newspaper, but I had a hard time finding plain black and white pages. Most current newspapers have ads and pictures in them, so I decided to use a book instead.

Materials used: branch base, old book, hot glue

Step 1: Decide on a base for the wreath. I chose a base made of branches, about 12” diameter. It was only $5, which was the same price as the Styrofoam option. I thought the branches looked nice exposed, which meant I didn't have to use as many pages to hide them.

Step 2: Take an old book, break the binding, and rip out all of the pages.

Step 3: Get the hot glue gun ready to start gluing.

Step 4: Take one page at a time and curve it into an “S” shape. It’s important not to make creases when curving the pages. The curves will make the wreath look full and soft.

Step 5: Take the “S” page and fold a tab at the end to secure the shape.

Step 6: On the bottom of the tab draw a line of hot glue and stick the page to the top of the wreath.

Step 7: Make rows of pages starting from the outer edge of the wreath working in until the wreath is full.

My favorite part about this project is that the wreath doesn’t have to come off the wall when the Christmas décor is put away. The classic black and white look makes this wreath a friendly decoration for the entire winter season.

If you have any left over pages that weren't used in your wreath, check out my blog about Book Ornaments and keep on crafting!

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