Book Ornaments

I've been itching to add new ornaments to my Christmas tree, but I refuse to pay full price (especially when I know they will all be on sale after the holidays). For a cheap fix, I decided to make a few ornaments using items I have around the house. I was inspired by this tree where every ornament, including the topper, is made out of pages from an old book. This idea is so unique - I had to try it.

Items used: book pages, hot glue gun, scissors, decorative paper, stamps, ink, ribbon, and twine

I chose a poetry book that I didn't mind losing a few pages from. I wanted the words on my ornaments to mean something to me.

From there I put my scrap-booking talents to work. By following a tutorial from "Love of Family & Home" and using some of my own ideas, I made three ornaments that I'm really excited about. There are many different ways to get this same look. I think using old newspaper clippings or even sheet music would look great (perhaps sheet music from a classic Christmas song).

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