Chicago Guide: Bike Tour

I'm starting a series on my blog called "Chicago Guide". Within these posts I'll be sharing some of my favorite spots to go in the city (old and new). Last weekend two of our best friends flew in from Arizona to visit. Both of them have been to Chicago a handful of times, so we were able to skip over a large majority of the touristy stuff (even though I secretly LOVE playing tourist in my own city).

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was riding bikes along the Lakefront Trail. This is something I highly recommend to anyone visiting or living here. There are options to pay for bike tours (with a guide), but I think it's better to just hop on the trail and experience it for free. Whether you're biking or walking, you get an amazing view of Lake Michigan, the beach, and the Chicago skyline. My favorite place to stop along the way is Olive Park- it has an incredible lookout point (see picture below).





What's your go-to activity when people are in town visiting?


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