New Look: BONLOOK Glasses

bonlook I've had the same Warby Parker glasses for over a year. I knew it was time to mix it up, but I wasn't sure which route to go. I was on a budget, which meant I needed to order glasses online. I narrowed it down to these three companies: Warby Parker (again), Rivet & Sway, and Bonlook. I decided on Bonlook, because my cousin recently ordered a pair of their glasses and had a great experience. Also, they were the cheapest option (remember, I said I was on a budget).

Ordering glasses online can be a little scary if you're used to trying on every single pair in the store before making a decision. I'm not an expert with ordering glasses online (this is my disclaimer), but I followed these simple rules to help narrow down my options and make my choice easier:

  1. Pick frame shapes that flatter your face shape

    This is absolutely key. Once you know what frame shapes you should be looking at (round, square, cat eye, etc.), it narrows down your search results tremendously. Rivet & Sway does a fantastic job telling you which frame shapes to choose. If you don't know your face shape by looking in the mirror, try looking at photos of yourself or ask a friend for help.

  2. Decide on a style

    Do you like plastic frames or metal frames? Do you want them thick or thin? Go with your gut on this. You should know immediately if you like something and if it fits your personal style. I would avoid taking online "quizzes" that ask a series of questions to help narrow down your choices (preppy vs. bohemian vs. rocker). I've tried this, and it generally doesn't filter out the best results. You know your style better than a computer generated test does.

  3. Choose a color

    Once you've chosen the frame you want, all you have left is to pick the color. Similar to choosing a style, you need to decide if you want something bold or neutral. Is this a statement piece or is it something you want to blend in with your everyday wardrobe? If going bold, choose a color that compliments your skin tone, hair & eye color.

At the end of the day you want glasses that make you feel comfortable and confident.

I hope this helps!

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