Chalkboards - Fun & Functional

Chalkboards have become very popular in home decor. They have a way of looking playful and classic at the same time. This trend started in the kitchen as a fun way of making lists and has since become so chic that chalkboards can be featured in any room for various purposes. Listed below are 5 easy ways to bring chalkboards into your home. The best part is, all of these can be replicated inexpensively with just a can of chalkboard paint and some creativity. Calendar

This is a smart design idea for a home office. Whether you're using the calendar for work or play it looks great and keeps things organized.


I've seen chalkboard art executed in many different ways. This wall chandelier is one of my favorites, because it is a great example of how chalkboards can be the perfect mix of messy and sophisticated.


These wine glasses are very useful for a dinner party. By having guests write their own name on a glass it keeps them organized, gives them something fun to do, and provides a way to introduce themselves to new people (bye bye name tags). This same idea can also be done with pint glasses for those who prefer a good brew over vino.


The chalkboard headboard is an inexpensive way to dress up a bedroom. You can draw different versions of this directly on the wall behind the bed without having to commit to a bulky piece of furniture.


This is a unique way to display what's for dinner, frame a sketch, or showcase an inspirational quote. Chalkboard frames hold a special place in my heart. I used this same concept for table numbers at my wedding using small picture frames. It was such an easy alternative, and the end product was adorable. This idea can be used at any scale.

If you're in love with the chalkboard trend like I am, I'd be interested in hearing your ideas!

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