Hello, I'm Becky. Thanks for stopping by!

Fun Facts

  • I photograph elopements, couples, families, expecting mothers, and lifestyle portraits.

  • I particularly love photographing my family (my nieces are the cutest… go ahead, see for yourself).

  • I always say “yes” to an adventure, and find myself going on incredible trips, which is just another opportunity to take more pictures!

  • I live in a cozy condo in Chicago with my husband, Shay, and our adopted hound dog, Gatsby (who has a beautiful singing voice BTW).

  • When I’m not taking pictures or escaping to new places, I’m pursuing a career as a licensed Civil Engineer (bet you didn’t see that one coming).

  • To date, I can make a cup of coffee 6 different ways.

  • I believe God has big plans for me to make and serve people coffee, which is why on Sundays you might find me working in the café at my church.

My Story

This little website of mine has been around since 2011, and it has developed and grown with me throughout the years. My blog has always been a place for me to document my life by telling stories and sharing my discoveries. 

In 2014 I bought myself a camera and enrolled in photography classes at a local art center in an effort to take better vacation pictures. I realized very quickly that my blog and my photography were meant to go hand-in-hand. Since then, photography has turned into a little side business for me. While that was never the intent, I'm so grateful for it. 

At the root of all this, I love documenting life through photography and then blogging about it. Sometimes it's fun and sometimes it's messy. So whether you've been a reader since the beginning or just landed here by chance, welcome! Thanks for following along! 

If you’re still reading at this point, then I think we should connect! You know so much about me, now let's talk about you.